Forensic video vigilante

We've certainly seen the gamut of law enforcement using social media and the web to release pictures and video of suspects from video evidence. But victims using these techniques is a newer twist. Social media puts the power of broadcasting into the hands of anyone. And one victim, Jimmy Minh Do, decided to use it.

"There's cameras everywhere and there's social media everywhere now, too", he says.

He got the video surveillance of his car being vandalized in the parking garage where he lives through his home owners' association. He then posted it on Facebook with the message: "On Saturday at 3:30 AM four guys wrecked my place, my elevator, and kicked a bunch of cars in my garage. They were mad they weren't let into my place. I was asleep at the time and have no idea who they are. Please help me identify them." The criminals vandalized three cars in all including Do's and another victim's.

After posting the surveillance footage, Do received tips via text and e-mail. People identified some of the suspects in the video as Colorado University football players. Do sent the information and surveillance video to the Denver Police Department.

Three of the suspects were confirmed to be Colorado University football players as reported by The Denver Post. Do updated his Facebook page stating that the four criminals agreed to pay damages and he wasn't pursuing charges.

Colorado's 9 News coverage of the story...

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