From the Editor

Welcome to Video Scene Magazine, Volume 3 There is a new video in the world of forensic video. It’s not what you’re thinking. It’s not a multiplexed VHS tape from the scene of the crime. It’s not a digital video that took three hours to recover from a DVR. It’s not even a cell phone video from a bystander who witnessed it all. It’s exactly what you wouldn’t expect. It is cool. A cool video about forensic video. All those CSI watchers out there know forensic video is cool, don’t you agree? And when you watch this video you feel like you are watching an episode of a TV show: the video stars Annie Wersching from FOX’s popular TV show 24. In fact it feels much like an episode of CSI until that is… reality sets in. Why reality? Because this video is aimed at clearing up some misconceptions about forensic video. The video, titled “Caught on Camera”, speaks mainly to those who own video surveillance systems -- such as business owners. It also gives lots of great advice to be used by installers of video surveillance systems and law enforcement. The video provides a little over 21 minutes of education on how video surveillance can provide information in the fight against crime. It covers topics such as video resolution, camera position, lighting, image detail, CCTV site plans, video formats, best practices for video evidence collection and much more. Who is behind this video? The FBI Forensic Audio, Video and Image Analysis Unit or FAVIAU to all you acronym junkies. With this video FAVIAU aims to help the community of forensic video and law enforcement. It’s well produced, comes from a respected source and it’s cool. The next time you’re online check it out. You can find the video on the FBI’s YouTube channel at Or just search YouTube for “FBI caught on camera”.